“Be you!” is the statement my family says to each other whenever we leave the house or part ways. It is a simple statement that resonates with how I strive to exist in this world. As simple as it might sound, the complexity of who we are is incredible and continually changing as we transition through various stages of life. It takes strength and courage to be true to yourself, regardless of how you were/are made to feel by others.    

After college, I became a High School Biology Teacher. I loved teaching and loved interacting with the students. I wanted to create a teaching experience where students felt heard, understood, and empowered to succeed academically and personally.

As time passed my curiosity for personal growth stretched beyond academia, and as a result, I decided to resign from teaching after eight successful years. I obtained a master’s degree in counseling and changed careers. I began working as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at the Integrated Feeling Therapy Center in lower Manhattan, where I received extensive training in primal therapy and deep feeling therapy. During this time I began to understand the need for authentic expression. Words alone cannot capture the depth of our experiences and do not provide relief from the pains we may be experiencing. I learned to understand the language of emotions and the extent to which they reside inside of us. At this time is when I started to open my eyes to the depth of information that body language and breathing communicates.  Within a few years, I expanded my practice to Northern New Jersey and began working as a Licensed Professional Counselor with BN Counseling. During my time there I received training on mindfulness and positive psychology, as well as developed and established Be You Counseling, LLC.  


  • Baruch College, NYC – Masters of Art - Mental Health Counseling

  • William Paterson University, NJ – Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences with a concentration in the BioPsychology Honors Track


  • Licensed Professional Counselor, NJ: #37PC00556700

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, NY: #007087

  • Certified Teacher in Biological Sciences, NJ: #563008