Understanding What it Means to Be You in the World!

My approach is humanistic. I view people as a whole system that is capable of growing, healing, and finding fulfillment and wisdom from within. I do not like to categorize or diagnose people into groups based on similar characteristics. Although I believe in a practice supported by research and theory, my ultimate interest is in understanding who you are now, how you got here, and who you want to be. 

When I sit with a client, I look for the person they are presenting to the world, while remaining curious about the parts of them that hide in the background. Sometimes these background parts show themselves for a brief moment, but mostly stay hidden, protected, and sheltered. It is not that these parts do not want to emerge, but through life experiences they have found it best to stay hidden under layers of protection. These layers work to hide or mask feelings of shame, guilt, anger, sadness, loneliness, and fear. Although these parts are protected, they often want to be seen and heard. To access these parts, developing trust, consistency, and honesty are required. Once established, we will work together to move through these layers at a pace that is comfortable to you. Introspection and vulnerability take strength and courage. It will help you develop a more profound sense of who you are, experience deeper connections with others, and find peace within yourself.

The details of how we gain access to these different parts of ourselves are unique to the individual that I work with, but below is the general guideline of how I approach and guide individuals through the process of change:

TRUST Trust is something that is earned not given. It starts the moment we make contact with one another and continues to grow as we get to know one another. Trust is the foundation for any healthy relationship.

AWARENESS As we bring awareness to both the mind and body, we will gain a deeper sense of how your system has learned to react to the world around it. This new found awareness will provide a doorway to understanding deeper, more complex parts of yourself.

CONNECTIONS Our past influences our present and is triggered more often than we realize. Unresolved events are continually running in the background and emerge when triggered in the present. Through our exploration, we will begin to look for patterns and moments that remain unresolved.

BREAKING THE CYCLE To break the cycle, it is essential to slow down and look at, rather than move away from, what has happened to you. When triggered we become stuck in an emotional state, and our perspective narrows. During these moments we need to ask our rational mind to step to the side and provide space for our emotional mind to express authentically its inner experience. The goal is to learn how to befriend (rather than suppress) the energies released by the inner experience of the unresolved event.

TAKING ACTION Therapy is not about living in the past, but instead, it is about revisiting the past to understand how it influences your perspective and behavior in the present. Through this understanding, you will be supported and empowered to take hold of your life and make choices that resonate with you.